Holistic Hemp Extracts for Pets

Our products have opened up a whole new world to those searching for a holistic and natural approach to their pet’s health care.

All of our pet products are made from USA grown hemp using organic farming practices.  Always non-GMO, vegan, containing zero herbicides or pesticides and are tested for safety and purity by independent third-party laboratories. 

Holistic Hemp Extracts’ products are very high in Cannabidiol (CBD) with just trace amounts of naturally occurring THC in addition to many other beneficial nutrients.  All of our pet products are non-psychoactive and full spectrum. 


Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for your Pets

Humans, dogs, cats and all mammals for that matter have the same endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is the master controller for many other systems in the body. Holistic Hemp Extracts Full Spectrum Hemp Oil feeds the ECS  to cause the Entourage Effect, the activation of all the receptors in the ECS located in the brain, organs, nervous systems, and immune system to help promote homeostasis.

Some of the most common conditions and ailments Full Spectrum Hemp Oil may be beneficial for include:

– Anxiety caused by:

    – Loud noises such as thunderstorms and fireworks
    – Introduction of new pets to the family
    – General social anxiety


-Arthritis/Inflammatory conditions

– Limited range of motion

– Pain
– Cancer

– Skin conditions

– Nausea
– Epilepsy/Seizures
– Autoimmune diseases
– Cardiovascular disease
– Neurodegenerative diseases

– General Health and Wellness

Easy to use. Orally administered either directly into your pet’s mouth or on their favorite treat.

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for Your Horse

Whether you are an owner, jockey, or a veterinarian, Holistic Hemp Extracts Full Spectrum Hemp Oil should be a part of your horse’s daily wellness regimen. 

A horse can also benefit from the use of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil and may see therapeutic improvements in:

-Relieving Anxiety from:
    – Show Anxiety
    – Grooming and daily care

   – Other horses
-Post Workout Recovery
-Pain Control/Inflammation
-Arthritis and Joint Disease
-General Health and wellness

Easily administered orally. 

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